The ‘Pepe’ Project

Private, No More

It’s Catrina outside our house. Loveluy at home. Researcher and student by weekdays, KPop writer by weekend.

But an Assumption Development Foundation (ADF) alumna scholar forever.

Currently, I work for The Medical City as a Junior Research Assistant for Institute of Personalized Molecular Medicine. I was part of The Cancer Institute Foundation for its program called Cervical Cancer Prevention (CECAP) for more than a year. If you’re a KPop fanatic, you can catch me at DKPopnews. I write articles there since March 2013. By the way, 2PM’s Nichkhun, Ra.D, 2NE1’s Dara and Ailee are my biases. How about you?

But ADF is part of my life for 12 years already. Since first year high school (2002). Half of my existence.

ADF, This Ain’t Ordinary

It’s a foundation that screens and bestows scholarship grant to financially challenged yet deserving students. Read how a poor little girl was blessed. It was founded by two great pillars of Sapang Palay (Bulacan, Philippines) Mr. Edward Kelly and Mrs. Minda Kelly. This is not an ordinary scholarship foundation. Aside from its provision of financial support, we are fed with lots of spiritual and philosophical teachings. Our talents are honed. They believe in us. We were served, so we give back. 

A throwback with my fellow scholars. I was wearing blue. Perhaps it's 1st year HS.

My favorite part is the library. I remember, I always use encyclopedia because internet was not the medium to get your assignments done then. You have to search for it with your eyes and hands thoroughly. You have to write it down, not copy and paste. 

 We call our kitchen as 'Happy Moments.' Indeed, stories are best to share with food in front of you. Yum Yum Yum. 

I feel so young at this place. It's our playground. 

See how I enjoyed it with my younger sisters.

 We also call ADF as 'Center for Excellence' and not 'Center of Excellence.' 

Just wanna share. This jump shot was memorable because my footwear jumped off at the back. kkk.

Super Typhoon Haiyan, but We are ‘Superer’

Who will forget November 8, 2013? Ugh, don’t count me in. It was perhaps the most horrible and saddening day for the Filipinos. Seeing my fellowmen experiencing the devastation of one of the strongest nature’s phenomena is heartbreaking. But our Filipino spirit is huger and stronger than this strongest.  “How can I help?,” was the question that popped up. Until I learned the Agkawayan Project.

What is Agkawayan Project? Why Agkawayan?

Agkawayan Elementary School in Capiz, Philippines was also ruined by ST Haiyan, but few know that. Even I was clueless. Through network of friends and sponsors, ADF learned about the condition of the school. 

Madame Minda visited the place personally. She saw it firsthand. She conquered rivers and mountains just to get there. 

The roofs were improvised. No walls. No electricity. Far from downtown. Were not addressed by the LGU immediately. Those conditions made ADF choose this community. 

So far, three scholars went there to give solar lamps and school supplies. Those were from the efforts of my younger fellow scholars. 

See what happened, is happening and will happen at the Facebook page of Agkawayan Project. Kindly like, spread and help.

The Birth of ‘The Pepe Project’

This is very simple. I got an empty ice cream container. Keep all my coins (P1, 25c, 10c, 5c only) on weekdays. When I come back home every weekend, I put the coins in. When it’s full, I’ll go to ADF center and give it to Madame. Average amount? Around P400. That’s it. That’s how I help the Agkawayan Project. As of this moment, I was able to give three containers, able to inspire three friends to pledge for the project. One gave her share personally. Shayne, my friend, thank you so much! Hope the two will give ASAP. Yoo Hoo. 

My point here is not to convince you to do the same. The point is even small acts, small amount will be appreciated and will be of great help. Nothing's SMALL

Kindly erase from your mind the thought that I'm bragging about this. No. Never. I shared about this because I'm hoping that you will be touched, inspired and soon be one of us. Please don't blow the fire of the candle. Spread it instead. 

Why did I call it ‘The Pepe Project’? The story behind this sub-project was inspired by my black 'Batang Rizal' (Young Rizal) t-shirt and one peso. Who’s engraved on that coin? Dr. Jose Rizal right? Philippines’ national hero. And his nickname was Pepe


When we were young, we want to be like Darna (who eats up a magic rock), Captain Barbell (who carries a barbell), Dyesebel (who is half human half mermaid), Lastikman (who can be stretched as far as you want) or whoever your favorite superhero/ heroine because they are so strong. They don't die. We admire their superpowers. 

Now can you please unleash that hero hiding within you? No need for costume. Just yourself, your heart that is willing to help and your idea that can be used for the Agkawayan Project. WE NEED YOU. THEY NEED US.

Contact/Message us at our Facebook page Agkawayan Project

Little Challenge

What SMALL act can you do for the children of Agkawayan Elementary School?

Salamat po in advanced for those who will do beyond liking, sharing and reading about our Agkawayan Project.

written by: loveluytakyo
Assumption Development Foundation Alumna Scholar 


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