My #SuperEman

He makes sure that I'm always safe. When we're walking on the street, he's on the danger side. When it rains, he holds the umbrella for me, and makes sure I'm not getting wet. When we go out, he always sends me home. He makes sure I'm protected.
He makes sure that I'm not tired when I'm with him. He's the one carrying my bag, our groceries or anything heavy I'm holding. He helps me in preparing our food, in cleaning the house, and in washing clothes. He makes sure everything is easy for me.
He makes sure I'm happy. He cracks jokes which lots of it are corny but I super love it. He acts and speaks gay. He bullies me and my fats. He tickles my haired armpit. Ooops. He laughs at my jokes. We watched funny clips. Watched drama movies, but finds ourselves laughing in the middle.
He makes sure I feel accepted. He accepts my physical and attitude flaws. He accepts my dark-skinned body that most people see as a liability. He touches my pimpled face and kisses it. He gives advice on how to get rid of those but never insult it. He's not making a big deal on my hair on my armpit and says, "Sus, tao tayo. Tumutubo talaga 'yan." He embraces my big belly and makes fun of it, but never makes me feel he doesn't love it. He says, "Hindi ka mataba. Malusog lang. Sexy mo nga eh." For him, I'm gorgeous in and out. When I get 'tampo' or mad, he's just cool. He doesn't get 'tampo' also. He understands, says sorry and reassures that he loves me. When I feel useless or lazy, he doesn't get upset. He gives uplifting words and makes sure I become motivated with life again.
He makes sure he provides. He pays or gives his share for the bill, fare, our groceries, and our business venture. He makes sure he supports my needs, my dreams, and my wants. He always have pasalubong not just for me but for my family and friends. He always asks, "Ano'ng gusto ninyong pasalubong?" He's a natural giver. He's a typical man who wants he's the one providing. I know he’s happy doing that, so I let him. He's sorry if he can't give something, but he's my everything already. He's honest when he's short, but that's not a prob because we can always work for money, but those time he spends with me while listening to my stories, cuddling me, and holding my hands are the most precious. He thinks his future with me in it which is so kilig. He wants me to be his future, and I want him also as my future.
He makes sure that our differences won't hinder our relationship. We praise God differently, but he never asks me to convert to his. He goes with me to church though sometimes he gets asleep. Haha. He understands my faith preference. We have different opinions, and we have word war about it, but settles down peacefully.
He makes sure we see each other personally. He travels to our place and suffers the super heavy traffic along Ortigas. He doesn’t mind going home late just to see me, just to be with me. He holds my hands, he embraces me so tight, he kisses me, he massages me, he takes care of me, he makes sure I feel his presence whenever he’s with me. He values my desire to see him, to be with him.
He makes sure my emotions and immaturity are not taken for granted. He hears what I can’t communicate. He feels what I can’t express. He asks why, and reassures his love. He understands my deafening silence and cold treatment. He values my awful feelings, he acknowledges it, says sorry, and accepts my apologies as well. He’s mature when I’m not. He’s cool when I’m not. He gives space when he feels I ask for it.
He always makes sure l'm loved, accepted and appreciated. I super love you. He’s my ‪#‎SuperEman‬. ‪#‎appreciateyourman‬
To be cont...
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