How Did I Apply for Shifting: Tips for Graduate Students Working Far From UPM

As a College of Public Health (CPH) graduate student working far from University of the Philippines Manila (UPM), every leave and money is important. Let me share with you some of my “dapat” moments.

Dapat 1. Before submitting your application, make sure of these three things:
·         Your General Weighted Average (GWA) is 2.00 or better
·         You know the application period of the program you want to shift to
·         Deadline of application

TAKYO TIP 1: If your GWA is still lacking, you have to do some excel work to somehow give yourself an idea on how much grade you need and how many courses/subjects to take:
     1. Multiply each of your taken course’s unit and grade
     2. Sum up the product of No. 1
     3. Add the units
     4. Divide No. 2 by No. 3

TAKYO TIP 2: Ask first The National Graduate Office for the Health Sciences (NGOHS) regarding your target degree/program’s opening of application. For example, the application for Master of Public Health (MPH) is only open for the 1st semester of the school year. You have to wait for the next school year if you missed this information.

TAKYO TIP 3: Ask your colleague and adviser on courses/subjects that have a trend of generous grade. Based on my experience, I got high grades in HPAD 201 and PHPE 210. But of course, you still have to give your 100%.

TAKYO TIP 4: Make sure that your course/subject is only offered on 3rd quarter (January-March) if you’re applying for 1st semester, or 1st quarter (August-September) if you’re applying for 2nd semester. You need to align the period of the course to the last day of application. Usually, these are the deadlines of application:
     1st semester: Last Friday of April
     2nd semester: Last Friday of October

TAKYO TIP 5: I added Sir Warren Bautista of NGOHS as a Facebook friend for updates from NGOHS because there was a time he posted about the extension of the deadline due to the special holiday in effect of ASEAN.

Dapat 2: Request immediately your True Copy of Grades (TCG) from CPH Office of the College Secretary (OCS) because there is a maximum of two-week waiting time.
TAKYO TIP 6: Right after the end of your course/subject on 1st or 3rd quarter, submit request of TCG. If possible, approach or email your professor on your course and inform that you are shifting, and express your appreciation if your grade will be posted on SAIS as soon as she/he can.

Below are steps to follow:
1. Visit CPH OCS, get a form. Fill it out. It’s a must to ask the amount of TCG. As of this writing, it’s Php 25.00.

TAKYO TIP 7: For future use, keep a copy of the TCG request form and Request for Validation of Courses form if in case you passed the application for shifting.

TAKYO TIP 8: Always check this link for important reminders regarding request of TCG. During enrollment, all requests and release of TCG are NOT entertained.

2. Pay P25.00 at the Cashier in Padre Faura. Write down the OR number on the TCG request form. Cashier is open until 4PM only from Monday to Friday except holiday. Be mindful of the lunch break.

3. To submit your request and receipt, you can either go back to CPH OCS or you can send email to Ms. Ana-Lissa Valones at a scanned copy of the receipt of payment and the request of TCG but make sure that you submit the two once you pick up your TCG from CPH OCS.

4. Waiting time for the release of TCG is 5-14 days after your submission. Follow up thru CPH OCS number 521 3304 or email Ms. Valones. She’s kind and accommodating.

TAKYO TIP 9: If you’re not available, you can ask someone in behalf of you. Just provide an authorization letter (can be handwritten) and a photocopy of your school ID.

Dapat 3. Ask first BOTH the CPH OCS and NGOHS the guidelines for shifting. As of this writing, there is a new guideline from NGOHS. However, the guideline posted on the bulletin of CPH OCS is NOT yet updated.

NEW GUIDELINE FOR SHIFTING (Student’s end only):

1. Write a letter of shifting addressed to the program chair of your current program, and to be noted by your program adviser. There’s NO need to get approval from your program chair or adviser. The purpose of the letter is to inform them your intention and reason for shifting.

TAKYO TIP 10: Ask first BOTH the CPH OCS and NGOHS who’s your program chair. Changes happen without your knowledge.

2. Produce five (5) copies of your letter:
            1 copy as your receiving copy, and have this signed by these three (3):
                        1 copy for Program Chair
                        1 copy for CPH-OCS staff
                        2 copies for NGOHS staff
TAKYO TIP 11: In case your program chair was not available, have the letter received by the department’s administrative personnel.

TAKYO TIP 12: To avoid wastage of time and money, know first the schedule of your program adviser and program chair before going to CPH for signing, and ask the CPH OCS if your TCG is already available for pick up. Just select the best date where you can do both. Regarding their schedule, you can email them, call thru his/her department’s number, or fit in to their consultation hours which are posted on their room’s door. For the updated department’s contact numbers, click this link

3. Complete and submit 2 COPIES for each of these requirements to NGOHS. No need for any folder or envelope. There’s no need to comply on all requirements listed on the application form (page 2) since you are only shifting to another program.

o   Application form. You can download here: You can just photocopy it once you finished filling out.
o   Recommendation letters. Forms are attached to the application form. By the way, you can have it filled out without visiting them personally. I just sent the recommendation form via email, and they sent it back with their answer.
o   Letter of Shifting addressed to program chair and noted by your program adviser. Make sure that the names are correct.
o   Essay why you want to do graduate study, opinion on self-directed learning and your research interest
o   Updated Curriculum Vitae
o   Passport size picture. It’s better if it has your name. If it does not have, write your name at the back.
o   Photocopy of True Copy of Grades (TCG). You can keep the original.
o   Photocopy of your diploma or Certified True Copy of your diploma whichever is available.
o   Photocopy of your undergraduate TOR
o   Photocopy of  your application fee receipt
§  Go to Cashier at Padre Faura. Pay P300.00. Write down the OR number on your application form.

              4. Wait for the result. Ask the NGOHS when is the estimated time of releasing of result or just visit this link Usually, the result is released on the 2nd week of June.

TAKYO TIP: If you want to spend the rest of your leave with something else, I advise you to be at the CPH on or before 8:00AM. The people you need are usually not that busy in the early morning. You can be accommodated immediately. It’s nice to remember that they have one-hour lunch break.

For inquiries, use these contact information:

            Monday to Friday except holiday (8am to 5pm)
            The email is not responsive
            526 5870
            523 1495

            Monday to Friday except holiday (8am to 5pm)
            521 3304

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